Low self-esteem - therapy and treatment


Self-assessment, this is a relatively constant opinion about yourself. It concerns such aspects as: physical appearance, interpersonal relations, character traits.

For us, self-esteem is an indicator of our status in society.


Low self-esteem occurs when a person has a negative attitude towards himself. The consequence of this is a lack of faith in one's own abilities, a feeling of being worse than others, and avoiding challenges in fear of failure.


The reason for low self-esteem is most often the result of too strict education in childhood, criticism of parents, impossible expectations.


Signs of low self-esteem:


  • withdrawal, shyness, fear of change, finding fault in one's own behavior;
  • pessimism, hypersensitivity to criticism, perseverance (long experience of stressful situations);
  • problems with making decisions, lack of motivation to act;
  • excessive perfectionism, the desire to help others.


The consequences of low self-esteem:


  • tendency to depression and anxiety;
  • worse coping with life difficulties;
  • lack of self-efficacy;
  • vulnerability, lack of ability to set limits;
  • tendency to enter the so-called "Toxic" compounds.


How to increase self-esteem


In order to effectively increase self-esteem in the first stage one should find the reason for its understatement.

To this end, you should go to a psychotherapist who will allow you to get to the root of the problem. Then, using effective techniques, incorrectly formed attitudes towards oneself, will be replaced with the appropriate ones. 


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