In the settings, you ask for a phone number and place of residence. Who will receive this data?

As an intermediary in the service, we are the administrator of these data, but under the Data Protection Act we undertake not to transfer these data to third parties without the express consent of their owner. Even a specialist does not receive this data without prior confirmation from the patient.

Is it necessary to fill my avatar with my photo ?

No. By default, the avatar accepts the iconic symbol of the person and there is no obligation to change this form of displaying the avatar.

I'm ashamed of my face, is it possible to talk to a specialist without having to reveal myself in the camera lens?

Of course. Although video contact facilitates therapy, we make sure that everyone feels comfortable and we are aware that what seems easy may not be easy for everyone. You can turn off the video transmission option in the settings, leaving only voice transmission. The specialist will be informed about this in advance by a special message to avoid misunderstandings.

Are my video calls archived? Can they be published anywhere?

We do not archive conversations between patients and specialists in any form. Therefore, it is not possible to publish them. In the patient-specialist relationship, third parties are not involved.


When do I settle ?

Payments are made in advance by topping up your account with an amount not less than PLN 50. If necessary, the patient top-ups the account and uses the portal.

Can I pay by credit card ?

At the moment, our payment channel includes only debit cards and traditional transfers.

Consultation - changing or canceling visit

How do you reject or postpone a session ?

Go to the Main Panel - My Visits and select the consultation you want to reject. Click Expect - Cancel. Then a window will appear in which you can write a message to the client explaining why you cancelled the appointment and offer a different date for consultation.

Confirmation of an online meeting

By making an appointment, the customer may mark up to three terms preferred by him. You will receive a notification of a new consultation at your email address. If you want to confirm the consultation - click on the date that suits you.

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