Use the services of a psychologist, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, coach or psychodietitian via Internet.

  • WIDE CHOICE of specialists in the area of Mental Health available online, including psychologists, psychotherapists, coaches, dietitians, sexologists, career counsellors, mediators, psychiatrists and many more ...

  • CONVENIENTLY You don't want to leave home? You can book and attend appointments online.

  • PROFITABLY You save your time and money.

  • ANONYMOUSLY You want to stay anonymous? You only need to give us your e-mail address. If you leave your phone number, you will receive a reminder about your online appointment an hour before.

  • EASY Easy and quick booking.

  • FAST Thanks to a wide choice of specialists and their flexible availability you can make an online appointment on the same day.

  • VIDEO or CHAT You decide about the form of your meeting: video call, audio call (you can turn off the camera) or text chat.

  • COMPREHENSIVELY -  Our all-in-one platform offers a built-in video module without installation. Just log in to, enter the virtual room and chat.

  • SECURELY Encrypted video connection provides security.

  • TRANSPARENTLY You can check the rating of each specialist. After your consultation you can rate the quality of the service.

Choose your specialist

Choose online your psychologist or other specialist who is the most suitable for your problem

Book your appointment

Choose an available date and time in the calendar and pay for your booking.

Attend your appointment

Log in to your account and enter the video or chat room. Talk to the specialist of your choice.

"A heart full of love and compassion is the main source of inner strength, willpower, happiness, and mental tranquility"

Dalai Lama XIV