Avigon Sp. z o.o. implements a project co-financed from European Funds: "Implementation of a dedicated e-platform realizing innovative adaptation of B2B and B2C business processes"

The aim of the project is: to increase competitiveness in the telemedicine industry thanks to the implementation of an internet platform enabling finding and access to an appropriate specialist, using the Internet medium as the main channel of communication

The effect of the project is:

  • introduction of new organizational solutions through automation of processes, including concluding agreements between a therapist and a patient at a distance, at any time without the participation of a company employee.
  • digitizing the content, all processes occur automatically or semi-automatically using electronic data exchange. Digital SLL certificates ensure the confidentiality and security of project users
  • entering new markets, expanding the offer of new services in the field of telemedicine, expanding the existing market of customers in the country and abroad
  • development of export activities in the enterprise thanks to the multilingualism of the portal
  • implementation of sustainable development, the needs of disabled people are taken into account

The total value of the project: 941.442,00 PLN
Co-financing from European Funds: 347.680,00 PLN

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