Water and fat cellulite - how to get rid


Cellulite, often called an orange peel, is visible around the buttocks, stomach and hips. This unsightly problem affects most women - not just those who are mature or have excess kilos. Cellulite can also appear in slim people.


What is fat cellulite?


Fat cellulite is the most common , resulting from rapid weight gain. It is visible in the form of lumps of fat. At first it is noticeable only after pressing the skin. May cause pain when touched. 


Fat cellulite can be reduced through a healthy diet and physical activity. It is worth including fish, vegetables, cereal and rice on the menu, and avoid high-calorie and fatty products as well as fried foods. However, it is worth devoting at least 40 minutes to training, 3 days a week.  


What is water cellulite?


The aqueous form of cellulite affects mainly slim women and may be the result of improper blood and lymph circulation, unhealthy diet or hormonal disorders. Water cellulite most often appears on the thighs, but can also occur around the calves and ankles, and on the shoulders.  


A diet rich in vitamins (especially vitamin P) and antioxidants helps to get rid of these unsightly changes. Good results can also be obtained by using exercises that improve blood circulation.


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