Online treatment of alcoholism


Alcoholic disease is an addiction to the substance of alcohol. It is manifested by excessive and frequent alcohol consumption, as a result of which psychological and physical addiction develops.


As a result of increasing tolerance to alcohol, an addict must provide his body with increasing doses of substances, while an attempt to limit alcohol consumption or its complete withdrawal ends with the occurrence of Alcohol Abstinence Syndrome.


Symptoms of alcohol addiction


The main symptoms of addiction include:


  • a strong need or even compulsion to drink alcohol;
  • difficulty maintaining control over alcohol intake;
  • the presence of withdrawal symptoms in cases of forced withdrawal;
  • tolerance (more and more alcohol is needed to get the same effect as it used to be);
  • devoting more and more time to addiction;
  • problems with memory and awareness (gaps in memory, lack of memory of many events);
  • persistent continued drinking of alcohol, despite experiencing the negative effects of its use.


Treatment of alcoholism


Alcohol addiction is a disease and therefore requires treatment. Due to the fact that in the family in which the addicted person falls ill the whole family, it is very important to help not only the addicted person, but also relatives who are in the patient's environment.


Assistance should be sought among addiction therapists qualified in this field who, knowing the appropriate work techniques, are able to effectively help a person struggling with alcoholism. 


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