Online psychotraumatologist

A psychotraumatologist is a person with medical or psychological education who has completed post-graduate studies in psychotraumatology .


The psychotraumatologist deals with the diagnosis of disorders after traumatic stress in adults, following random events (natural disasters, communication events, floods) and caused by the participation of other people (psychological, physical, rape). The tasks of the psychotraumatologist also include: early intervention after traumatic events and treatment of people with trauma.


Symptoms that indicate a need to visit a psychotraumatologist :


  • recurring, intrusive thoughts related to traumatic experience;
  • problems with the memory of traumatic experience;
  • irritability, hyperactivity, aggressive behavior;
  • deterioration of mood, isolation from the environment;
  • difficulty sleeping.


Areas of assistance of a psychotraumatologist


Crisis intervention


The psychotraumatologist during crisis intervention conducts activities aimed at using all possible resources of a person in need of help (social environment, assistance institutions), so as to facilitate achieving internal balance and a sense of control over his own life. This is the first stage of helping a person experiencing a crisis.


Therapy of people after a trauma


A psychotraumatologist is a person with the appropriate competences to enable him to work with people who have experienced trauma. During the consultation, the psychotraumatologist assesses the symptoms, their frequency and selects the appropriate therapy method. The most commonly used include: EMDR therapy and the extended exposure procedure.


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