Online dietitian - help in a balanced diet


Regardless of your motivation - wanting to lose weight, discovering food intolerance or health reasons, changing your eating habits is not easy. The biggest problem is the lack of thorough knowledge. "Miracle diets" posted in the press or on the Internet are often too restrictive, unbalanced, they even limit valuable products with a high content of nutrients, and as a consequence are ineffective or even dangerous to health.


If you want to change something in your nutrition, it is essential to consult a professional who is a dietitian.


Advantages of visiting an online dietitian


Nutritionists from the Avigon portal are competent, educated people who will help you establish a menu that is compatible with your state of health, taking into account your current test results, physical features, lifestyle, professional activity and food preferences. On this basis, they will write an effective and healthy diet that will help you lose weight, gain weight and maintain a balanced weight. Everything depends on your needs.  


If you do not want to go to any facility, an online dietitian will be the ideal solution. Through a secure internet connection, you will consult a dietitian while remaining anonymous.


Why is it worth talking to an online dietitian?


Many people are not convinced to pay for a fixed diet menu. But that's not all the online dietitian does.


First of all, his task is to individually adjust such a diet that will systematically provide your body with the necessary nutrients in quantities and proportions that match its needs. So if, for example, you think about vegetarianism, it is worth consulting with a specialist who will tell you how to avoid nutritional deficiencies with the elimination diet.  


Consulting with an online dietitian is much more beneficial than reading a blog of unknown origin - it is a thorough knowledge of qualified, experienced specialists and taking into account your individual needs and preferences. 


"Jeżeli potrafisz coś wymarzyć, potrafisz także to osiągnąć."

Walt Disney