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There are the same psychological mechanisms in business as in every other area of ​​life. Emotions, motivations, rules or attitudes that we express or confess every day also determine our behavior at work. Business psychology deals with the study of all these behaviors and their impact on the organization. It contributes to the efficient and effective operation of the organization by influencing employee satisfaction, researching the atmosphere at work or interpersonal relations prevailing there. He also deals with improving leadership skills of managers, employee motivation and improving the efficiency of communication in the organization.


Is it worth contacting a business psychologist?


An online business psychologist will support the development of your company by improving managerial skills of managers, improving incentive systems and influencing employee satisfaction levels or by improving communication skills, which in these days of deep intergenerational differences are particularly important. By using the services of a business psychologist, you can count on the effectiveness of your employees to increase significantly.


You do not need to make an appointment at all - all you need is a conversation via an instant messenger. You can easily adapt the date to your daily schedule and work system. A business psychologist can talk directly to the business owner, but also to a group of managers and employees.


Online business psychologist - what will contribute to the company's development?


Although business psychology is a relatively new specialization, it is certainly worth taking advantage of its benefits. Employees always stand behind specific business decisions, behaviors , internal conflicts or organizational culture. For this reason, it is worth training them in psychological knowledge - these basic skills will facilitate company management, cooperation and fulfillment of professional tasks that are the responsibility of specific people.


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I am a psychologist (applied psychology - Jagiellonian University) using Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), a II class sports psychologist of the Polish Psychological Association and a certified Mindfulness instructor (Mindfulness Academy in Warsaw).

"A heart full of love and compassion is the main source of inner strength, willpower, happiness, and mental tranquility"

Dalai Lama XIV