Help for people experiencing violence


Violence is the intentional act or omission of one person against another, which, using the advantage of power, violates the rights and personal rights of the individual, causing suffering and harm.


We can talk about violence when criteria such as: intentional action or failure to act, the occurrence of an advantage of force, violation by one person of the rights and personal rights of another person, the experience of violence against physical and psychological damage is met.


Types of Violence


Physical violence - behaviors that fall under the concept of physical violence: pushing, pushing, incapacitating, holding, slapping, pinching, kicking, beating, choking, burning, pouring caustic substances, not helping. 


Psychological violence - behaviors that fall under the concept of psychological violence: derision of views, religion, origin, disrespect, constant criticism, punishment by refusal of feelings, social isolation, refusal of sleep and food. 


Economic violence - behaviors that are part of the concept of economic violence: receiving money, giving away money, preventing work. 


Sexual violence - behaviors that fall under the concept of sexual violence: forcing sexual intercourse, forcing unacceptable caresses, forcing sex with third parties, demonstrating jealousy. 


Neglect - lack of adult care over a child, putting the child in danger. 


Help for people experiencing violence


People experiencing violence are in a state of strong, permanent stress.


The first action that should be taken is to separate the perpetrator of the violence from the person against whom the violence is used. Then the person who has experienced violence should report to a psychologist who will help him regain control of his life. 


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