Myśli samobójcze - przyczyny i pomoc psychologiczna


Thoughts of suicide are very often the result of depression or other mental health problems.


Suicidal thoughts are about planning suicide, fantasizing about what will happen when a person takes his own life, imagining his own funeral, considering how to take his own life, imagining his family's reaction to death.  


Suicidal thoughts can appear at any time in your life, regardless of your social status or age.


Thoughts about suicide


Thoughts about taking a life can appear after losing a loved one, experiencing trauma, going through a crisis from which we do not know how to get out.

Then thoughts appear that suicide could be the only way out of a difficult situation.


Suicidal thoughts are very often the result of depression.

In the severe stage of depression, suicide attempts are very common for sick people.


Thoughts of suicide also often occur in people with bipolar disorder.

Its course is associated with the occurrence of extreme emotions, which may result in suicide attempts.


Addicted people are also at risk of people at risk of suicidal thoughts.

This is due to the depressed mood of addicts and the feeling that they are unable to cope with their illness on their own.


How to help a person with suicidal thoughts


The most important is support and interest from loved ones, without judging.

A sick person must feel that they are not alone and there is someone who will help them cope with their problems.


It is important for a person who has suicidal thoughts to see a psychologist and start psychotherapy.


When suicidal thoughts arise, it is necessary to meet a specialist directly.

For people who for various reasons do not have the possibility of direct contact with a psychologist , psychotherapist or psychiatrist, in addition      

paid online consultations, e.g. at 

it is possible to use

free and anonymous Emergency Hotline (Poland)

for children and youth 116 111 

for adults 116 123.


"A heart full of love and compassion is the main source of inner strength, willpower, happiness, and mental tranquility"

Dalai Lama XIV