Self-realization is a process which goal is to strive for self-growth and development.

This is possible thanks to the discovery of our own capabilities and the realization of the goals we want to achieve.


The process of self-realization cannot be the result of external pressure. Its essence is to perform actions that are in agreement with our person.

Self-realization is a sense of freedom, independence and independence.


How to achieve self-realization


Self-realization is a process, which means that it lasts a lifetime and has no definite end.


The key to self-fulfillment is finding your deepest needs and striving to meet them.

The search stage is extremely important, because only after passing it we are able to determine what really makes us feel happy. In today's world, which puts tremendous pressure on us, often these basic needs are pushed inside us. According to the theory of self-realization, doing things that are in line with our interests makes us filled with happiness and inner peace.


Which can interfere with the process of self-realization


The self-fulfillment process may be disturbed by external requirements and pressures.

This leads to rejecting your natural needs and aspirations, and focusing on realizing those imposed from the outside. Pressure from the environment does not have to be a factor negatively affecting our development, but the condition for this is not forgetting about your natural needs and caring for their satisfaction. 

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Dalai Lama XIV