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Self-harm is a manifestation of self-aggression (directing aggression towards oneself).  

Usually, this mental disorder affects children and adolescents, but it can also occur in adults and the elderly.


The direct cause of self-mutilation is a large accumulation of tension, which is temporarily leveled by self-aggression.

Auto-aggression often coincides with depression.


Causes of self-harm


The most common cause of self-aggression is childhood trauma.

Such a person could experience beating, humiliation, ignoring needs, which led to emotional disorders. Other reasons may be: death of the parent, divorce, stay in an orphanage, long-term hospital treatment, excessive requirements of parents.


Self-harm can also occur in people with autism, Rett syndrome , depression and schizophrenia.


Symptoms of self-harm


The most common method of self-mutilation is cutting with a razor blade around the forearms and thighs.

There may also be scraping wounds in invisible places under clothing, biting, pulling hair and eyelashes, hitting the head against the wall.


The therapy used in people, self-injury is


People using self-aggression should see a psychiatrist or psychologist as soon as possible for help.    

The therapy is aimed at finding the cause of tension and implementing effective techniques that will allow to cope with the problem.


It is important that the therapy covers the whole family, because the problem of self-aggression is a symptom that is most often caused by family problems.


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