Personal development


Personal development is striving to maximize human potential. It is a lifelong process of human, consisting in becoming a better person and improving human life in certain areas. It can take place through such activities as e.g. career development, improving one's qualifications and skills, raising awareness or self-improvement.


In general, personal development improves the quality of life and helps you achieve your dreams and plans.


Practical steps on the path of personal development can be taken at various levels. Some of them are:

  • increasing self-awareness;
  • self improvement,
  • identifying and increasing the use of own potential;
  • developing your talents and strengths;
  • improving the quality of life;
  • the realization of dreams and plans;
  • satisfying one's own ambitions;
  • better organization of time, including working time ;
  • defining and implementing the so-called personal development plan (PDP);
  • gaining of knowledge;
  • improving skills and learning new ones;
  • overcoming barriers to learning new skills;
  • developing social skills;
  • regular assessment of possessed skills (self-assessment);
  • paying attention to skills that are not necessary for success (tasks can be delegated);
  • increasing personal wealth;
  • initiating entrepreneurship or (interchangeably) personal financial autonomy;
  • improving health, including mental health etc.


Personal development may also include helping other people achieve their personal goals. This can be done by performing roles such as, for example, a coach, teacher or vocational counselor.


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