Orphan disease - what is it and what are the causes?


What is orphan disease?


It is a syndrome of serious disorders in the child's development, which affect both his mental and physical sphere. Also known as anaclitic depression or inorganic retardation syndrome, orphan disease affects infants and older children.  


Although it appears at a young age, its effects affect adulthood, hindering social functioning and manifesting in a tendency to depression.


Orphan disease - causes


The main cause of the disease is depriving the child of contact with the mother or another person in the circle of loved ones. A broken bond may be caused by the parent's death or his poor mental or physical health.


Orphan disease in children may also appear if their care is improper, limited only to nursing activities. Lack of closeness and attention results in a sense of abandonment and fear. The unmet need for security leads to a number of psychological and often somatic symptoms. 


Orphan disease - symptoms


The most common symptoms of the disease include appetite and sleep disorders, anxiety, agitation, rocking and thumb sucking. Older children have problems communicating with the environment and are unable to establish relationships with others.


Orphan disease in adults is manifested by low self-esteem, lack of interpersonal skills, recurrent fears and a tendency to depression .  


Physical symptoms include urinary incontinence and growth and weight disorders.


Orphan disease - diagnosis and treatment


Early, accurate diagnosis is of great importance for the effectiveness of treatment. The disease can be diagnosed based on the characteristic symptoms and analysis of the child's family environment.


Diagnosed orphan disease in children requires urgent intervention. Individually selected therapy and constant help of a psychologist may limit the development of disorders and the negative impact of a difficult family situation on the child's future functioning.


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