Loneliness is a subjective feeling resulting from a lack of satisfaction with relationships with other people.


People who feel lonely have a feeling that nobody understands them. They miss this one, close, trusted person and at the same time often isolate themselves from the rest of society.


Loneliness can be felt being among people and also creating a love relationship.

The feeling of loneliness can appear at any stage of life, regardless of age.


Causes of loneliness


The reasons for loneliness can be different.


Some people choose to live alone, which is often associated with negative experiences from the past. Isolation is intended to provide these people with safety and to protect against further injury.


Separating yourself from other people can also be the result of reduced self-esteem. Such people do not believe that they deserve friendship or love.


Ways to deal with loneliness


The key to dealing with loneliness is to understand its causes.


If this is conscious isolation, then it is worth considering why we separate from other people. Perhaps this is the result of unprocessed emotions related to past injuries.


When the reason for isolation is low self-esteem and reduced self-esteem, it is worth starting therapy that will help regain confidence. When the feeling of loneliness appears in a love relationship, it is worth going to an experienced couple therapist who will help rebuild the relationship between partners again.


"Jeżeli potrafisz coś wymarzyć, potrafisz także to osiągnąć."

Walt Disney