Insomnia - symptoms and treatment


Insomnia is a concept that means problems falling asleep or staying asleep. People struggling with insomnia suffer not only at night, but also during the day - due to fatigue, malaise and trouble concentrating.


The symptoms of insomnia


The symptoms of insomnia are varied. It happens that patients sleep all night, but despite this in the morning they feel exhausted. Then the reason is the poor quality of sleep . Another form of disorder is a tendency to fall asleep only in the morning or during the day. Many people struggling with insomnia also complain of being unable to sleep despite clearly feeling tired.  


There is accidental, short-term and chronic insomnia .  


How to treat insomnia?


When should you seriously think about treating insomnia? According to the ICD-10 classification, when symptoms persist for a long time, i.e. a minimum of one month, and difficulty falling asleep appear at least three times a week. 

The basis for insomnia treatment should be non-pharmacological activities. One of the effective methods of dealing with this type of disorder is caring for the so-called sleep hygiene and cognitive-behavioral therapy.   


A common technique used is stimulus control, where the patient only lies down when feeling drowsy - avoid combining bed rest with other activities, such as reading a book or watching movies. Interrupting sleep at night is also a signal to leave the bed. Return should occur only when drowsiness reappears.


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