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Organization development is an issue that includes a set of methods that lead to changes and improvement of the organization.

The concept of organizational development of an enterprise refers to a process involving a sequence of consecutive and interdependent changes in states of affairs . This process takes place in the time sequence in which the following successive changes are ordered and persist or permanently (until a crisis situation).


Each organization has its own development cycle, however there are so-called theories of life cycle indicating the existence of similarities in the development of enterprises


Typical organization life cycle phases:

  1. The creative phase when the organization is small and begins to grow
  2. Organizational maturity
  3. The decline of the organization.


Larry Greiner presented the most popular theory of the organization's life cycle. Greiner's model assumes that every organization solution contains a germ of crisis.


Larry Greiner model

  1. Entrepreneurial phase - growth through creativity, the primary goal is the survival and development of the organization. The phase ends with a leadership crisis
  2. The collectivity phase - the focus is on setting goals and procedures, but the organization continues to grow. There is a crisis of autonomy in this phase. Its solution is to delegate decision-making powers.
  3. Delegation phase - involves the decentralization of powers process. Thanks to this, the organization becomes much more flexible and the organization continues to grow . However, a control crisis may occur during this phase.
  4. The formalization phase - bureaucracy appears. The organization grows into control organisms, and its structure is increasingly integrated and formalized. The abuse of bureaucracy results in a briefcase crisis.
  5. Cooperation phase - breaking of routine and gradual decentralization. Teamwork stage, which affects the effectiveness of the organization's development. The next stage is the renewal crisis, which occurs as a result of excessive opening to the outside and flattening of structures.
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