Communication in life


Communication is the process of transferring information.

In the simplest communication model, the sender transmits the message using the appropriate communication channel. The recipient receives a message and responds to it, which causes the occurrence of so - called feedback. 


The utmost role in business communication is played by a statement, i.e. a message that must be properly selected in terms of the so-called language code.


Communication can be divided into:


1. Verbal communication

Verbal communication is the basic way of human communication. It is done by using natural language, i.e. speech as a means of communication, and the carrier is words. 


2. Non-verbal communication

Non-verbal communication is made of non-verbal messages broadcast and received by people on all non-verbal channels simultaneously. They indicate the basic emotional states, feelings, intentions, expectations towards the caller, social status, origin, education, self-esteem, qualities of temperament etc. Non-verbal communication includes body language, gestures, facial expressions, sounds, but also the way they dress or the fact of wearing glasses .        

Non-verbal communication can play an even greater role than verbal communication , because about 2/3 of the remembered message is created on the basis of non-verbal communication . 


"Jeżeli potrafisz coś wymarzyć, potrafisz także to osiągnąć."

Walt Disney