Borderline - psychotherapy and treatment

Borderline personality disorder - the so-called borderline personality.

The most typical for a borderline personality is the extremely strong desire for a very close, exclusive relationship with the other person and the simultaneous fear of being "absorbed" by the other person and the fear of being abandoned.    


Symptoms of borderline personality disorder:


- impulsiveness in various spheres of life - impulsive use of stimulants, food, risky sexual behavior, threats or suicide attempts, impulsive spending of money, self-destructive behavior and the use of violence and aggression;


- problems in dealing with anxiety;


- internal emptiness and anxiety, the predominance of negative feelings - negative emotions such as anxiety, anger, panic, rage, sadness, frustration, shame, boredom and stress dominate;


- problems with strong affects and feelings - escalation of emotional states, mood swings, inadequate tantrums;


- panic fear of abandonment, jealousy, possessiveness, insecurity in relationships;


- avoiding positive experiences with others and moving away from kind people;


- disturbed self-esteem;


- difficulty in receiving the "good" and "bad" aspects of others at the same time - a tendency to make extreme judgments, an attitude toward others from worship and idealization to hatred and devaluation;    


- suicidal and self-harming threats or activities . 


Borderline personality - causes


Among the causes of borderline are:

verbal, emotional, physical or sexual abuse of children, serious neglect of children, long-term separation of children from guardians, traumas experienced in childhood, adverse environmental factors occurring in childhood, the impact of negative attitudes towards the child and critical parents. Some researchers point to genetic causes. 


Borderline: treatment


Pharmacological treatment and psychotherapy are used to treat borderline . 


In extreme situations, such as suicide attempts or when there is a risk of such attempts, patients are temporarily hospitalized.


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