Joint pain - causes and treatment


Arthralgia may be the result of too intense physical exertion and injuries caused during sports activities. Pain may also appear as a result of a viral infection, and if the joints are teasing regularly, the causes in the form of rheumatic diseases should be taken into account.


Viral diseases that cause joint pain include cold, flu, rubella and chicken pox. Among the rheumatic diseases manifested by painful ailments include, first of all, rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, polymyalgia rheumatic, systemic lupus erythematosus and acute rheumatic fever.  


Inflammatory and non-inflammatory joint pain


Pain may affect one joint or group of joints. If discomfort is also felt in the bones or pain is accompanied by swelling, redness, joint disorder and increased skin temperature - we are talking about inflammatory joint pain. If pain is the only symptom, it is non-inflammatory joint pain.  


The causes of the ailments are very diverse, so treatment should be started only after the doctor makes a diagnosis. Patients can relieve pain on their own, take over-the-counter medications, and minimize joint activity.


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