Online treatment of anxiety neurosis


Anxiety neurosis is a disorder in which the main feeling associated with us is anxiety.


Anxiety neurosis can occur at any stage of life and occurs regardless of age.


The fear that arises makes everyday life difficult, which means that we are unable to think about anything else. This causes the occurrence of somatic symptoms that appear to intensify the feeling of anxiety. Statistically, this disorder affects women more than men.


Causes of anxiety neurosis


The causes of anxiety neurosis can be on both the physical and psychological side.


The reason may be hyperthyroidism, as a result of which overproduction of hormones can stimulate the body.


Another disease affecting the occurrence of anxiety neurosis can be a pheochromocytoma that causes an increase in stress hormone levels in the body.


Psychological factors that cause anxiety neurosis are: lack of satisfaction of emotional needs, insecurity, overprotection of parents, unresolved conflicts, internal conflicts, prolonged stress, experienced traumas, difficult life situation.




Symptoms of anxiety neurosis are:


  • anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, obsessions;
  • pessimism, lack of motivation, irritability, tearfulness, insomnia, isolation, apathy;
  • headaches, stomach aches, shortness of breath, throat tightness, palpitations, nausea, trembling of arms or legs, coldness, teeth grinding, joint and muscle pain.


Treatment of anxiety neurosis


The basic form of help for people with anxiety neurosis is psychotherapy . 

The main element of therapy is getting to what is the source of the conflict the patient is struggling with, then overworking it and learning how to deal with the symptoms of neurosis.


"Jeżeli potrafisz coś wymarzyć, potrafisz także to osiągnąć."

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