Online psychologist - distance therapy


A psychologist is a person with appropriate qualifications that entitles him to provide psychological services consisting of psychological diagnosis, opinions, adjudication, psychotherapy and psychological assistance.  


An online psychologist will diagnose your problem, but more importantly, help you cope with it or direct you to appropriate specialist treatment.


An online psychologist will help you in difficult times


Are you lost in a difficult situation? Would you like to understand your problems? You can't deal with problems and difficult life situations? An online psychologist will help you understand what is going on with you, give you tips, support you on the way to recovery, it is possible that he will propose psychotherapy or go to another specialist. It is not worth delaying, because an early diagnosis is easier to treat


For people who refrain from seeking help from a specialist because of embarrassment, blocking from talking about themselves in personal contact with another person or social stigmatization, an online psychologist will be the best alternative - on the Avigon portal the visit is done via a secure internet connection that helps to remain anonymous and discretion.


Online psychologist - individual approach, professional knowledge, a wide spectrum of specialization


On the Avigon portal you have access to the best range of qualified psychologists specializing in various fields.  


Psychology is an extensive field, and the knowledge of individual psychology graduates varies depending on the selected specializations, e.g. clinical psychology (work with patients), family psychology (interested in relationships between family members), sport psychology (motivation, teamwork, psychology of the winner), educational psychology (related to pedagogy), social psychology (studies human behavior in society, useful in marketing, advertising), business psychology (increasing the effectiveness of activities at work), psychology of communication (the art of communicating with people), etc.      


Regardless of what problem you are facing, contact a psychologist of the appropriate specialization. An online psychologist has the right knowledge and skills, finds an effective solution and helps you find a mental balance. It is she who determines our mental comfort, peace of mind and quality of life.


Rekomendowani Specjaliści

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Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Therapist, Pedagogue, Addiction therapist, Trainer, Łobez

Jestem psychologiem, psychoterapeutą systemowym oraz uzależnień. W zawodzie psychoterapeuty pracuję od 9 lat. W tym czasie zajmowałam się pomocą osobom w kryzysie, trudnych aczkolwiek często rozwojowych momentach życia, czy diagnozą kliniczną. Specjalizuje się w leczeniu:

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Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Support package, Pakiet praca, Business psychologist, Career counselor, Life Coach, Kiełczów

Czasami każdemu zdarza się, że nie ma ochoty wstać z łóżka, że lęk utrudnia podjęcie działania, że negatywne myśli nie dają się wyrzucić z głowy, że trudno jest poradzić sobie z silnymi emocjami.

"A heart full of love and compassion is the main source of inner strength, willpower, happiness, and mental tranquility"

Dalai Lama XIV