Online mentor


Many of us ask ourselves who the mentor is and what he can contribute to our lives. 

A mentor is a person who will support your personal development so that you are not afraid to follow the path of self-realization you have chosen. 


If you want to achieve something, you strive for a goal that seems almost impossible to you, it is worth to support yourself with the professional knowledge of someone who will be oriented to discovering you and developing your potential. 

That's what the online mentor is for - conversations take place over a secure internet connection. 

You will remain anonymous and at the same time be sure that someone also cares about your success. Your success is also the success of the mentor.


Is it worth having a mentor?


Are you wondering what to ask your mentor for? 

If you want to change something in soy life, you want to develop and realize, but you don't know how to do it, this is the perfect time for consultation. 


The online mentor will support you in pursuing your goal, whatever it may be. 

Do you want to change clothes, which requires a lot of work? Or maybe you want to develop professional self-awareness? Or you just want to systematically develop your passions? 

The mentor will become your friend in all of these cases, as well as many others. 


Such a "master" will show you the path of development, enrich your experience, thanks to which you will become more aware and confident. 

It will also help you when you encounter obstacles on your way - it will be with you when you look for ways to overcome them to achieve the desired goal.


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Psychologist, Psychotherapist, for Santander Bank Polska, Support package, Therapist, Mediator, Mentor, Crisis intervention, Trainer, Warszawa

Doświadczasz trudności w życiu codziennym? Nie radzisz sobie z emocjami? Chcesz lepiej radzić sobie ze stresem? Zmagasz się z uzależnieniem? Wykańczają Cię ciągłe wątpliwości? Terapia jest rozwiązaniem!

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Coach, Support package, Mentor, Business psychologist, Career counselor, Warszawa

Mentor, life and business coach, consultant, lecturer at MBA studies at Łazarski University
I had graduate coaching at the SET Academy nad as well NLP practitioner and master.
I have nearly 2,200 hours of coaching behind me, including over 1,000 hours of business coaching.

"A heart full of love and compassion is the main source of inner strength, willpower, happiness, and mental tranquility"

Dalai Lama XIV