Problems of couples


Each relationship of two people is exposed to difficulties, which are most often caused by communication problems between partners. Then there are quarrels, misunderstandings and frustrations, which often result in a crisis in a relationship. This applies to couples of different ages and with different seniority.


The most common problems of couples


Communication is the most common problem of misunderstanding in a relationship. Partners very often cannot or do not want to put themselves in the position of another person. They try to make their point of view the only one taken into account while ignoring the partner's view. Working on proper communication in a relationship can cause the couple to learn to recognize and accept the needs of the other party, which will significantly reduce the number of conflicts. 


Unrealized expectations - by entering into relationships with other people, we create expectations in our mind of the person and how our relationship will look. When these expectations do not coincide with reality, there is a feeling of disappointment and reflection on the decision made. This is a common problem for couples who forget that the ground floor is not a person who is supposed to fulfill our expectations. 


Problems from the past - the family environment that the couple comes from can significantly affect the quality of relationships. People from families where aggression was a way to resolve conflicts may unwittingly transfer this pattern to adulthood. 


Sex and intimacy - this is a common problem in couples. The reason for problems in the sexual sphere is the way of communication between partners. When everyday there is hostility in relationships, this translates into difficulties in the sexual sphere as well. 


Infidelity is the most common reason for losing a sense of security in a relationship. The consequence of betrayal is a growing lack of trust. It should be remembered that betrayal is often the result of previously arising problems in a relationship. 


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