ADHD - causes, symptoms, treatment



Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) usually appears around the age of 5 in 4-8% of children. The incidence of the disorder decreases with age, but it also happens that the symptoms persist also in adulthood.


Boys are more at risk of ADHD, although this does not mean that girls with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder have not been observed - in their case it is most often manifested by problems with concentration.


ADHD - symptoms


The most common symptoms include attention and concentration disorders - the child has trouble focusing on activities, he loses objects and forgets where he left them. He avoids performing activities that require greater commitment and long-term concentration. He does not finish the tasks he undertakes. A child with ADHD is impulsive - he focuses on the attention of his surroundings, answers questions before someone finishes asking them. Expresses thoughts and emotions without thinking. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is also manifested by being in constant motion. When the situation forces one to stand in one position, the child begins to fidget, play and excludes himself from the activity.


Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
- causes and treatment


There may be many reasons for the occurrence of ADHD in children - these are genetic conditions, low dopamine activity, pregnancy injuries, low birth weight, hypoxia of the child during delivery, damage to the central nervous system, smoking during pregnancy, neglect.


The diagnosis is based on the cooperation of several specialists - a psychologist , psychiatrist, pediatrician and often also a pediatric neurologist. 


Treatment is determined individually, depending on the child's condition, these are psychotherapy, family therapy, pharmacological treatment, psychoeducational classes for parents.


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