Stress? Tiredness? Remote work?

Did you know that these are just some of the main factors affecting your productivity? Additionally, they include:

  • tense atmosphere, conflicts among employees,
  • crises or problems in personal life,
  • anxiety or emotional instability, etc.

All mentioned factors have a negative impact on well-being and, consequently, on productivity of the employee and his/her team.

The research* has proved that job performance is related to psychological well-being. The obtained results confirm the thesis that “happy” employees are often more productive.


Be a responsible employer.

Take care of the mental well-being of your employees.

Provide psychological support for your employees.


With the online platform which is open 24/7 you can support your employees, whenever they need it.

Psychological, psychotherapeutic, coaching or dietary support is an optimal solution for people working on site, but it is even more important for employees working remotely. In this difficult time it is particularly important to take care of the employees and their health, as working conditions in the pandemic times can cause additional stress and intensify the feeling of anxiety.


Employees' mental health – statistics:

  • The research conducted in 2020 in Japan and Spain, which analysed the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on mental health, showed that social isolation, employment status and especially remote work were increasing the risk of depression.
  • WHO estimates that depression is responsible for about 20% of work absenteeism.
  • A recent WHO study estimates that depression and anxiety cost the global economy about $1 trillion a year because of lost productivity.


Psychological or psychotherapeutic support for employees:

  • increases productivity of the employees,
  • increases their joy of life,
  • improves their motivation,
  • raises the feeling of care for employees and increases their satisfaction,
  • reduces the level of stress and anxiety,
  • reduces the risk of burnout and depression,
  • reduces work absenteeism,
  • reduces staff rotation,
  • creates a healthy working environment and promotes a healthy lifestyle,
  • raises the attractiveness of the company as employer on the labour market. platform provides a comprehensive psychological support for employees, companies and corporations with online access to a wide range of specialists such as psychologists, psychotherapists, coaches, dietitians, sexologists, trainers, mediators or mentors. They will help your employees to deal with the problems they face in their professional and personal lives

Confidentiality guaranteed!

We assure our Clients the complete anonymity!

Psychological support in the company is a comprehensive solution

The employer decides:

  • what kind of support he wants to provide for the employees,
  • which specialists will support the employees,
  • how many consultations the employees can attend,
  • what is the form of support: e.g. video or chat,
  • how the consultations will be paid for.


The employee:

  • individually selects the appropriate specialist or can also use the support of on-call psychologist,
  • books an appointment at a convenient time (24/7),
  • attends the consultations at any place and time, e.g. from home, from the office or on a business trip,
  • can freely change the specialist at any time,
  • can change the date and time of the appointment. provides psychological support for companies which includes online consultations for employees with following specialists:

  • psychologists,
  • therapists and psychotherapists,
  • coaches,
  • dietitians,
  • sexologists,
  • specialists in crisis intervention.


During consultations the employees can share their fears related to the current situation or other mental and psychological problems they have to face with a psychologist or another specialist in the area of mental health


Additionally, at the employer's request, specialists of can provide psychological support for employees' families (including couples, children and youth). In the current situation it is particularly important to support the employee also in his/her personal crisis, providing him/her help of a qualified specialist.


Psychologist for companies


Our offer is always customized and adjusted to Client’s needs. All packages for companies are prepared individually in order to meet the expectations of both employers and employees. The flexible approach of ensures that the employer can choose any package and change the selected option at any time.


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*(Psychological Well Being and Job Satisfaction as Predictors of Job Performance,Thomas A. Wright University of Nevada, Reno Russell Cropanzano Colorado State UniversityJournal of  Occupational Health Psychology,Copyright 2000 by the Educational Publishing Foundation 2000, Vol. 5, No. 1, 84-94)



"A heart full of love and compassion is the main source of inner strength, willpower, happiness, and mental tranquility"

Dalai Lama XIV