The insulin resistance say when a person suffers from reduced sensitivity of the organism to the action of insulin, the hormone whose function is to control blood glucose levels. It is a situation in which the body, despite normal or even elevated blood insulin levels, independently produces this hormone in excessive amounts.


Insulin resistance is very dangerous because it can lead to cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes .   


Insulin resistance - causes


Insulin resistance is sometimes genetic. The decrease in hormone sensitivity may also result from an excess of insulin-acting hormones such as cortisol, growth hormone or glucagon. 


However, the most common cause of insulin resistance is overweight . In a person with excess fat, the production of hormones that inhibit the action of insulin, moreover, as a result of the release of large amounts of free fatty acids into the blood, glucose is not burned in tissues, and its level in the blood gradually increases. If you notice disturbing symptoms, it is worth consulting with a dietitian who will not only make a diagnosis, but also help you get rid of unnecessary kilograms.  


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